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This dog was adopted on 2020-07-26

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Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Unknown

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:375.00

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We’ve had Zeus for 11 months now and he loves to play with all toys! He knows sit, stay, give big paws, and lay down. He’s been great with family and friends. We walk him a lot and he loves to play catch ..sometimes he doesn’t know when to give back the toy or ball. He loves to wrestle and play with our bulldog Lola and sometimes they like to lick each other on the mouth ..so cute! Zeus is a fun loving, crazy but gentle boy and we are very lucky he picked us to be his forever family.


Thanks for checking in on Zeus .He fit right into our family.We love him very much.He is full of energy and gets very excited very easily..Jumps up on us a lot so we have to work on that ...absolutely loves to be the center of attention and is very mouthy ...loves to lick .Himself and our bulldog LolA are best friends ,but sometimes he’s a little rough withher ..he just wants to play .Unfortunately he chews every toy we give him and it’s hard to keep him entertained with toys .He absolutely loves the dog park and gets on really well with other dogs .but again doesn’t know how to slow down and take a break.We just recently lost our huge pine tree in the back yard because of a storm and he’s terrible for eating pines ...the only way to stop him is to keep him inside .If we leave the house we still keep him in the crate because he eats the garbage .Other wise has free range of the house .If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me 



Zeus took a ride to my friends shore house for the day! He was fantastic! He didn’t like the float when he got there and did bark at it, but got over it with positive reinforcement. He loved watching the kids on the lagoon paddle board and kayak! He could get used to having a shore house as his home away from home. (As we all would, Zeus). Lol


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Zeus is a very active boy who needs to run and expend that energy. He just loves running around his foster's yard and you can tell he is having  so much fun. Allie, his foster mom has begun working with him on recognizing his name and recall. He likes to jump up on people and just thinks that is a way to play so Allie is also working on getting him to understand that is rude and redirect his enthusiasm. Allie said he is super sweet, just wants to be loved, is very smart, and learning a lot. She is taking it slow with introducing him to her dogs since he had quite a long transport...but her dog Jemma has been "crying" to meet him. Stay tuned to find out more about him and if Jemma gets her wish soon!


I don’t really count yesterday evening as day one, as it was only a few hours and he was mentally exhausted from his trip here.
I checked on him numerous times in the crate last night and he did not make a peep. He very much so enjoyed the comforts of his crate.
This morning he patiently waited while I made his breakfast. As of now I don’t see any food aggressive behaviors towards me.
He is very inquisitive of this new yard! Running and playing on two 30 foot leashes!
We came inside and worked a little bit on his name/sit/down and he is very willing to work for food! One has to appreciate that when working with positive reinforcement! He is currently in a down next to my chair while I write this. Happy as can be to start his journey to his forever home. ??


VISIT OUR GROUP FACEBOOK PAGE TO SEE MORE PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF ZEUS! https://www.facebook.com/groups/239997534040124
Zeus 's Freedom ride! Yes, he has arrived! I picked up Zeus from the transport and it was quite obvious he had a lot of pent up energy from his long ride and pulled me around the parking lot lol...but after I seat belted him in the car, he behaved quite nicely. Of course it helped that I had chicken in the front seat which kept him sitting nicely and looking out the windows. He actually looks like he has a smile on his face in one of the photos.
I took him to his foster mom, Allie and she is very excited! He went inside and investigated and then outside on a long line to inspect the yard. He was very happy to be there and was not at all phased from the long ride nor any sign of distress or shutdown. He ran around, had some water and came inside again to look around. He definitely needs to drain some of that energy so he is more receptive to training which his foster mom will definitely do. She is the perfect foster home for him and has years of dog experience and just the right gal for him. Allie has a huge yard and once he settles in, can meet her dogs and start the first steps to a new beginning and put the past behind him! He is beautiful and I love his amber eyes, just like my Boxer girl that passed away a few years ago.
About an hour after I dropped him off, Allie sent me a picture of him fast asleep in his crate. He had a long trip and now he can rest easy and move on to a wonderful new life!

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