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This dog was adopted on 2020-07-11

Personal Information


Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Unknown



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Unknown


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:375.00

My Story


We’ve had Zoe for a year and she loves Nom Nom Potluck Dinner. She enjoys Zoom in the backyard, get (and open) packages in the mail, walk after dinner and watch TV. Her favorite toy is the Stuffed Squirrel and learned how to give high fives. The most challenging thing has been greeting others on a leash  & coping with parents returning to work after quarantine. Zoe loves visitors and visiting my family.  She is very gentle with my elderly parents and is loved by everyone who visits.  She is still working on transitioning with other dogs when on the leash. Zoe loves lounging on the couch and keeping watch on everything happening in the neighborhood from our front window. She enjoys watching TV and is a bit obsessed with actor Jonathan Groff. (she will run to the television set and "sing along" whenever he is on.


Zoe is a wonderful addition to our family. She is a very sweet girl who loves and is loved by everyone she meets. She enjoys greeting everyone when we walk around town.  Zoe has a “thing” for playground trains and likes to hop on everyone she sees.  Now that the weather is a bit cooler, she loves long walks in the woods.  One of her favorite things is sunning herself in our front window for her afternoon naps. 


We are no longer accepting applications for Zoe.


Zoe will be arriving on 6/27.20. She is in a foster home and will be traveling to NJ where she will be fostered for an additional 2 weeks so we can evaluate her. Se is a 32 lb little peanut that is dog and people friendly. We are told she snores lol and is very playful.

Zoe has arrived! We will update as we get to know her.

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