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Baxter - Male - NJ | New Life Boxer Rescue


NJ -

Male -


This dog was adopted on 2019-12-31

Personal Information


Color:Reverse Brindle




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Very high prey drive so no small animals please.

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Baxter is doing great since joining our family Dec 31 2019. He has adapted very well. He loves to be outside and seems very happy with his sister, and you can see he never far from his ball.


If you are looking for an easy companion then meet Baxter. He is very well mannered and totally potty trained. He has not had one accident since he has been with me. If he needs to go out, he will let you know. He gets along fabulously with my crew both the girls and Rocco.

In the morning, when it is time to leave for work, he stands by the crate waiting for his treat. I don't even need to tell him it's time, he has the routine down. He loves to play with the other dogs and could live with another dog or not. If you have another dog, he/she should be a dog that likes to run and play. I say this because two of my dogs are older and can't keep up with him. My younger one is small and she isn't interested in any rough play. When he wants to play with her he spins himself around and nudges her. She growls at him and he continues to spin and pounce until he finally gets the message. If you are willing to play with him, throw the ball or the frisbee he would be perfectly content to be the one and only.
Baxter is a talker. If you ask him a question he answers it! If you ask him if he wants a treat, he barks. If you ask him if he wants a walk he barks. I assume the answer to all is yes! He went to the vet and is updated on all his shots. They had cats in the waiting area that were available for adoption. He did show interest in them, but did not go crazy. He whined a little but when told to sit, he did. He did fine with the other dogs in the waiting area. He also did fine with the vet doing the exam.
Baxter sleeps in our room on a dog bed. When we get up in the morning to get ready for work, most of the time he is still sleeping. He gets up and moseys along until I take him out. He is a really easy dog and just goes with the flow.
Baxter is residing in NJ. If he sounds like he would fit in your lifestyle, please put in an application. Baxter is waiting to meet you!


Baxter, formally known as Sully, was returned to rescue. His family loved him but Baxter has a high prey drive and for the safety of the cats in the home it was best. Baxter is dog friendly and gets along well with my male and females but there was some friction between Baxter and the male in his home so we think it is probably best for Baxter to go to a home with a female. 
Baxter is a sweet boy, he walks well on a leash and is totally potty and crate trained. He has run of the house when we are home and never gets into any trouble. I crate him only when we are not home and that is because my dogs are not crated. Everyone gets along but sometimes the playing gets rough and I feel the need to referee. You could probably not crate him and he would be fine. He has run of the house when we are sleeping and you will usually find him on the couch with one of dogs or sleeping on a dog bed. 
He sits for his meals and to get his leash on for a walk. He takes treats gently and is very well behaved. Due to his prey drive Baxter must be kept on a leash if not in a fenced area. I am not sure if his prey drive includes small dogs so if going to a home with another dog, it should probably be his size or larger. This boy loves to play and would due well with older kids. He is a little bouncy for toddlers and may knock them down. If you want to walk he is up for it and if you want to chill in front of the TV he is up for that too. He is fine with meeting strangers and will solicit attention. 
Baxter is an awesome boy and is waiting in NJ for his forever home.

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