All About Boxers

Common Boxer Traits We LOVE:

  • Loving personality and love to be with their people
  • Highly animated and known as the “Clown” of the canines
  • Courageous as well as sensitive
  • "Boxing" with the front paws
  • Highly social with huge personalities
  • Intuitive and smart
  • Active and loves to play
  • Committed to and protective of their family
  • Affectionate, loyal and completely devoted to their care taker
  • The docked tail, aka the "Nub"
  • Excellent family dog
  • Notoriously good with children
  • Never have to travel alone again as the Boxer is always up for a ride
  • Very huggable and kissable
  • Minimal grooming requirements
  • The Boxer shuffle when greeting you or just plain old happy (aka the Kidney Bean Dance)
  • Able to run at top speeds around and around the yard multiple times for no apparent reason, inciting laughter for anyone within view - also known as the "Boxer Burn"

Boxer Traits We LOVE a Little Less:

  • Not the best breed if you work long hours, as Boxers prefer to be with their families and often don't do well when left for long periods of time alone.
  • Poor tolerance for hot, humid weather and very cold weather. Due to their short muzzles (brachiocephalic facial structure), the Boxer is unable to tolerate heat and humidity.  Special care must be taken to accommodate the Boxer's need for extra protection such as a coat in winter and proper ventilation, preferably air conditioning, in the summer months.
  • Boxers are NOT a breed that can live outside of the home. Boxers, while they love the outdoors and definitely an indoor dog.
  • Very inquisitive and curious. They often inspect your grocery bags and garbage cans and anything else they find that peaks their interest.
  • Sometimes the Boxer will simply "demand" your attention as they require both physical and mental stimulation each and every day.
  • Famous for bringing a toy to you and dropping it in your lap, the Boxer brings play to you.
  • Some Boxers suffer allergies to grains found in lower quality kibble as well as other skin allergy conditions.
  • Boxers tend to burp, snort, sneeze, snore and pass gas to name a few of their funny, silly noises.

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