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On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, NLBR took in a boxer boy named Rocky.  I'd like to tell his story because this is another of those that demonstrates the huge heart that this rescue has and why I am so grateful and honored to know each and every one of you.   I got a call from our Meghan at 11:00 am that there was a boy at one of the Philadelphia shelters.  Colleen from Adopt-a-Boxer had called and asked if Meghan could see if we could take him.  He was petrified, cold, hungry and in pain.  If we could not commit to this boy, he would be euthanized one hour later, at noon.  He had been at the shelter, at that point, for less than 24 hours.  He came in as an owner surrender.

I immediately called Diane and she called the shelter to find out what they needed from us and if, in fact, he would be euthanized - The answer was yes, unless you commit, he will be euthanized.  Diane began the lengthy process of completing the paperwork that the shelter requires for us to pull the boy in case we actually could find someone to get him out of there.  Meghan called me back to tell me that Colleen had listed him on Facebook in the hopes of getting him help, any help, from anywhere, to save his life.  One of our volunteers, Patty, had posted saying she could pull him and transport him somewhere if we could commit to him.  I called Patty and told her that I was trying to get a foster lined up, to hold on until I got back to her - Diane and I were reaching out to anyone we could think of who might be willing.  In the meantime, we emailed Maggie to see if she would double up and take him.  I emailed and called Deb to ask if she might be willing to double up - who, really busy at work, didn't see my emails or calls.  We were REALLY desperate - time was ticking away and this boy's situation was becoming more dire by the second.  We reached out to Cheryl, who works with Deb.  She tracked Deb down, Deb called me and immediately said YES, she would take him.  We literally had minutes to get back to that shelter and commit to this dog.  Diane did that.  Patty got someone to cover her at work, took off for the shelter and saved Rocky.  We got him out of there by about 12:30.  She transported him to Deb and he is now safe and warm, with a full belly and a comfy bed and a lot of love surrounding him.  Maggie also agreed that if we still needed her, she would take him too.

Rocky is safe now but only because we were able to rally the people we needed to step up, put their lives on hold and over-extend themselves because his life was important enough to them to do that.

Rescue isn't always pretty and I will tell you that the stress of those few hours was enough to put those of us working on it, over the edge.  But, not nearly as much stress as Rocky must have been feeling as he sat there wondering what happened that caused him to find himself there.

I am forever grateful for the unselfish commitment that each of these people have to the dogs and to this rescue.  And, Rocky is a testament to what we can do when we all put the needs of the dogs first.  I can't find enough words of thanks and gratitude to express how honored I am to be a part of this but I am sure that when Deb looks into the eyes of that boy, she can tell you just how grateful HE is.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  We all know that we cannot save them all but all Rocky knows is that we saved HIM and that's a wonderful thing!!  One dog at a time!

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